Spot a Fake Tiffany Ring: Authenticate a Tiffany & Co 1837 Square Ring

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Hi everyone! Welcome to another edition of Real vs. Fake Tiffany. 

Today, I am doing a review of the Tiffany & Co 1837 Square ring. An authentic version can be viewed from picture below.  Click on the ring photo to be taken to the product for more details:

Authentic Tiffany & CO 1837 Ring Guide

Next, let's take a closer look at a counterfeit ring of the same style.  On its own, it can sometimes be difficult to tell that it is fake. The front view seems to show the "correct logo markings" for the ring, right? It has T & Co on the front of the ring as seen here:

Fake 1837 Square Ring Outside Front View

and the "Tiffany & Co" logo on the inside back portion as seen here:

Fake Tiffany & Co 1837 Square Ring Inside Logo View

Well, in this case - the devil really is in the details ... of the ring, that is :) Let's now take a look at a side by side picture of a Real ring vs. the Fake one.

Notice the difference in the font style? This is most pronounced in the letter "O" of T& Co. The fake version has a much rounder letter "O".  The side by side comparison also shows that the spacing between the letters is different on the two rings.

The logo markings are also different - with the authentic version marked "Tiffany & Co 925" while the fake one is marked "Tiffany & Co".  Note how the logo is a lot more subtle on the authentic ring, while the fake one seems to really want you to see that the ring is "Tiffany & Co".

Now, let's take a look at another side of the 1837 square ring. It's quite easy to guess that the authentic ring is the one on the left side. Just compare the quality of the engraving of the numbers 1837, where it is SIGNIFICANTLY clearer on the real ring. The fake version does a poor job of copying in the case - not only because of the bad engraving, but also because it does not even try to replicate the size of the etching. Note how small the numbers 1837 are on the fake ring, and that the numbers themselves are not even level - the number 1 is almost touching the lines while the 8,3 and 7 have more space.


Side view of real and fake Tiffany Ring

One thing that that counterfeit version copies fairly well is the rounded edges of the ring. Below is a picture of the top view of the rings, showing the rounded edges.

Real vs Fake Tiffany Rings Top View

But no matter how good the edges are, the edges are still just a tad on the squarer side. The material on each side is also thicker on the authentic 1837 ring.

Now you can tell the difference between the two rings :) I hope this article helps in your search for authentic and wonderful Tiffany & Co pieces! Have a wonderful day!



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