"Where the heck is that Tiffany & Co logo?"

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Hello everyone! Today's post tackles a question that many of you might have had at some point, while browsing through the thousands of items that Tiffany & co has made over the last few decades. And boy! This company has made a LOT of different items - including jewelry, key rings, trophies, ceramic / glazed items, silverware (spoons, etc), leather goods, and so much more!

As a Tiffany collector and aficionado myself, I have definitely scratched my head and asked this question more than once (or ten times for that matter :)) So I decided to tackle this topic and show you, my dear readers, some of the most common areas to find that (sometimes) elusive LOGO.

For this article, I will focus on jewelry and accessory pieces. And for this purpose, I have divided the LOGO finding mission into three categories: a) Easy/Obvious, b) Medium / "Oh, there it is!", and c) Difficult / "Where the heck is it"? Each category will have two examples each. You can also click on the items to get a closer look! Ok, let's start with:

EASY / Obvious Areas

a) Tiffany & Co Padlock Charms: In general, Tiffany marks its padlock charms either on the face of the charm itself, at the bottom of the charm, at the back of the charm, or any combination of the three. In the example below, the logo on the Blue Enamel Return to Tiffany Heart Padlock charm is pretty easy to spot - it is marked both on the front and at the back of the charm with the Tiffany & Co logo. (Click on the picture to get a better view)

Return to Tiffany Blue Enamel Heart Padlock

b) Open Flower Charm Bracelet: In this case, the logo is clearly visible at the back of the flower charm. And because the charm is permanently attached to the Tiffany & Co rolo link bracelet, only the charm is stamped and Tiffany did not mark the bracelet chain. The chain still bears the 925 logo on its clasp though (as seen in the pictures).

Tiffany & Co Open Flower bracelet

Link to item: Tiffany & Co Open Flower Bracelet

MEDIUM / "Oh, there it is!"

a) Clam Shell Pill Box: Although Tiffany clearly marked the pill box with its logo, the location is not as immediately obvious. It is neither on the front or back of the pill box, but is right on the lip of the opening, as seen in the picture below.

Tiffany & Co Clam Shell Pill Box

Link to item: Tiffany & Co Clam Shell Pill Box

b) 18K Gold / Silver Gatelink Cuff Links: Not so hidden and yet not quite easily visible, the marking on these cuff links are located right on the bar that connects the two stylish Gatellink style ends.  You can also learn more about how to authenticate these cuff links by clicking here.

Tiffany & Co Gatelink Cufflinks

Link to item: Tiffany & Co 18K Gold Silver Gatelink Cuff Links

DIFFICULT / "Where the heck is it?!"

a) Tiffany & Co Peretti Open Heart Hoops: This is a nicely crafted pair of hoops shaped into a Heart. The logo could be anywhere along the entire earrings but if you ever see this piece, you will find that the marking is right on the top of the heart where the hoops meet. This logo can also be quite difficult to see as it is small and would require the help of a jeweler's loupe to be clearly visible.

Tiffany & Co Peretti Open Heart Hoops

Link to item: Tiffany & Co Peretti Open Heart Hoops Earrings

b) Tiffany & Co ERA LOVE silk adjustable bracelet: This one definitely baffled me. I looked quite hard and found that for these sterling silver lettered cubes, Tiffany placed its marking on the edge of one of the cubes. The marking is so small that you would definitely miss it if you did not know it was there.

Tiffany & Co ERA LOVE cube bracelet

Link to item: Tiffany & Co ERA LOVE cubes bracelet on silk cord

And there you have it! Now you are a lot more knowledgeable on some of the areas to look when you are looking through various Tiffany & Co items. I hope this guide proves to be helpful in your search for a beautiful Tiffany & Co piece! Have a great day!


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