Three things from Tiffany & Co that you never thought you needed (in Sterling Silver)! :)

Hi everyone! As a long time Tiffany & Co seller, I have found myself in awe many times with various pieces from this world renowned company.  Many of Tiffany's current pieces are gorgeous; but some of the vintage pieces are just beyond words (IMHO :)).

When we think of Tiffany & Co, the first few things that come to mind are perhaps the quintessential Tiffany & Co Blue Box and white bow, beautiful sterling silver necklaces / bracelets / jewelry, and even wristwatches / key rings.

Over time though, Tiffany & Co has produced more than just these items that they are still very much known for.  Below, I came up with a short list of three items that I think many folks never thought they needed (in Tiffany & Co branded sterling silver).  Let's take a look!

1) Calendar

In our world full of everything "digital", this first item is certainly something that is no longer purchased as much, but is still a very necessary item in our daily lives. This Tiffany & Co "Perpetual calendar" has 2 sets of monthly sheets that you can interchange (One set of the Month, One set for the Dates).  It is, and will be the last calendar you will ever need! :)

Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Perpetual Calendar Gift

2) Comb

Any item from Tiffany & Co is bound to make someone feel like a prince / princess. And this item is no exception! We all use some type of hair accessory to groom ourselves, why not have one that is crafted from the makers of the finest sterling silver!  This is one item that makes a perfect gift for that person who just has everything! :)

 Tiffany & Co Silver Shell Comb

Tiffany & Co Silver Comb

3) Whistle

In case of any emergency, one of the most important items to have with you is a whistle. It will allow you to be heard from a much farther distance so that you can signal for help.  Do you agree that this Tiffany & Co whistle certainly checks off these requirements ... in style?

Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Whistle Gift for Coach Sports Fan Emergency Useful Practical Present


There are many more Tiffany & Co items that are not included on this list, but that I think are just as fascinating.  At another time, I will choose another set of items to feature as a Part 2 of this series.  I hope you had as much fun reading as I did while writing this little article.

Have a wonderful day!


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