What's your favorite Tiffany & Co piece? Here's a few of mine!

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Hi everyone! Today's post is a slight diversion from the usual "Real vs Fake" articles. Over time, I have gotten questions from many of you about which Tiffany & Co items are potential awesome gifts.  To be honest, there are too many for me to mention but on the list below, I have picked a few of the pieces that I own and wear a lot (and are my favorites!). The items are also still available in the store, so that you might enjoy them too!

Just like all of you, I LOVE all things Tiffany & Co. I have been lucky enough to be in the business of seeing the vast assortment of items that this great company has to offer.   The variety is just astounding, and I am always just amazed at the attention to detail that is placed when crafting these pieces. Anyway, I can go on and on about this but I decided to start off with FIVE of my favorite pieces. This was very very hard for me to narrow down, by the way :)

1) 1837 Horseshoe Necklace

One of my "everyday Tiffany & Co necklace" that is easy to wear and brings me luck and happiness. Minimal yet visible.  Just a very cute piece that I love having and wearing! Can be layered with other necklaces as well.

Tiffany & Co 1837 Horseshoe Necklace Authentic Tips and Guides

2) Tassel Necklace

The Tiffany & Co Tassel Necklace is definitely conversation starter. I get a LOT of compliments and questions of "Where did you get that piece?" whenever I wear this piece.  It is just a wonderful necklace that can be worn casually or to a party - with a little black dress.  This necklace dresses up any outfit without even trying :)

I haven't found any other piece quite like it - it's beautiful, elegant, classic and yet makes a very cool statement at the same time no matter what outfit you are wearing!

Tiffany & Co Tassel Necklace Authentic Tips and Guides

Link to product: Tiffany & Co Tassel Necklace

3) Gold/Silver Dangle Earrings

This pair of earrings is just a super versatile piece - it has both gold and silver tones so I pretty much can pair this with all my other jewelry!  But it is also gorgeous enough to wear on its own!  I think the piece shows understated elegance and is one of the reasons that I love it and use it quite a bit.

I am a white shirt and jeans / navy shorts type of a girl and this works so well with the outfit.  I also love sundresses, or a cute top with white shorts, and well ... this works with it too! (Can you tell how much I love this item? :))

Tiffany & Co 18K Gold Silver Circles Dangle Dangling Earrings Authentic Tips and Guides

 Link to product: Tiffany & Co 18K Gold Silver Circles Earrings

4) Shoe Charm Bracelet

Who doesn't love shoes? And what better way to show this in a playful way than through a Tiffany & Co charm!

I have to admit - I own the Shoe charm ... and many more (Pig charm, Scooter charm, Ladybug, etc).  I have a few sets of Tiffany & Co charm bracelets that are just good to wear on a whimsical, sunny day!  Or even on a rainy / dreary day! I think Tiffany & Co enamel charms are not only very well made, and look "true to life", they are also super fun to collect and adds a little bit of brightness to my day!

Tiffany & Co Shoe Enamel Charm Bracelet Authentic Tips and Guides

Link to product: Tiffany & Co Enamel Shoe Charm Bracelet

5) Telephone Dialer

Breakfast at Tiffany, anyone? If you have seen this movie and LOVE Tiffany & Co, you need to have one of these ... for no other reason than it is awesome and is a memento of more simple times (when we still used rotary phones :))!

 Tiffany & Co Breakfast at Tiffany Telephone Dialer Vintage Authentic Tips and Guides

Link to product: Tiffany & Co Telephone Dialer

And there you have it! These are the first 5 of my most favorite Tiffany & Co pieces. I will probably have to create a Part 1, Part 2, etc for this series as there are a LOT more pieces that I truly love.  Thanks for your time, and I I hope you had as much fun reading as I did while writing this article.

Have a wonderful day!



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