Easily Spot Fake Tiffany Necklace & Earrings Telltale Signs

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Hello! In today's post, I will walk you through a few "Tiffany & Co" items, and explain some of the details that definitely classifies the piece as a FAKE item. There will be other indications that show an item is not authentic, but for this article, I will focus on the most obvious detail that gives it away as a fake piece.

Let's dive right in:



a) Notes Dangling Earrings: Let's take a quick look at the REAL version of the earrings (you can click on the picture below to enlarge the details):

Authentic Tiffany Co Notes Dangle Earrings Madison880

Click on link below to view more details of the authentic earrings:

Authentic Tiffany & Co Notes Dangle Earrings


Right below is a detailed picture of the FAKE version.

Fake Tiffany Co Notes Dangle Earrings - Spot a Tiffany Co Fake 

Telltale Sign that it's a FAKE: The way the Circle Notes dangling charm is attached to the Earring Hooks. Tiffany & Co never uses this kind of coiled metal attachment on ANY of its earrings.   This kind of attachment is frequently seen in handmade earrings, but never on a pair of Tiffany & Co. earrings.



I like to think of jewelry as a piece of art. It's something we wear to feel more confident and beautiful, and this can only happen if the piece is balanced in both form and function.

I have been lucky to own a few Tiffany & Co snowflake charm necklaces. They are all gorgeous and truly as unique as each snowflake is.

In this case though, the fake piece is GIGANTIC in size when placed side by side with the authentic version. The real Snowflake charm is around 1 inch, but the Fake version is around twice the size of the real charm. Take a closer look at the picture below:

Spot a Fake Tiffany Co Snowflake necklace 

Bottom line:  When buying a used Tiffany piece, know the sizes that the item was made. Tiffany & Co does offer size variations on many of its items, but do your research on which pieces have sizes so that you can be a knowledgeable buyer :)



Tiffany & Co takes pride in crafting very high quality items. Every detail is paid attention to and thought through. These high standards extend all the way to Tiffany & Co's logo placement.

Tiffany & Co logos and markings are always located somewhere visible (with a high powered jeweler's loupe), readable, and yet discreet.  For certain items (like gemstones, for example), Tiffany does not mark the piece as this would devalue the item. Sometimes, the markings are so hard to find that even I am baffled and have to do more research to find them. Click here to read the article I wrote about this.


2 Telltale signs the necklace is a fake:

 a) Logo placement - The logo on the authentic version of the piece is on the chain clasp ONLY.  Tiffany & Co did not ever mark the cross charm for this necklace. Click on the link below to view the details of the AUTHENTIC necklace:

Authentic Tiffany Co Peretti Cross Necklace Pendant Charm Chain Madison880

Tiffany & Co Peretti Cross Necklace

b) Logo wording - Let's take a closer look at the words on the logo. This necklace is an Elsa Peretti designed cross necklace. But can you even read the words "Elsa Peretti"? Sometimes, logos do get polished off and are harder to read. But this is most definitely not the case for this piece. The logo is very clear, and it is also very clear that the words do not say Elsa Peretti but some other gibberish that I cannot pronounce myself.

FAKE Peretti Cross Necklace Pictured below:

Spot a fake Tiffany co Peretti Cross necklace pendant

The details pointed out in this article are just some of the indications that can help you determine whether a piece is a real or fake Tiffany & Co item.  It does take a lot of time and research to be able to distinguish the difference, but hopefully, this article helps in your search for another authentic and wonderful Tiffany & Co pieces! Have a wonderful day!


- Madison880


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