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For anyone who might be thinking of setting up or taking their online business to the next level, I am now offering a 30 minute consulting service! Please click on this link for more details.


Welcome! Madison880 is an online storefront that has been in operation since 2009 on the Ebay Marketplace.  With over 6,000 positive feedback ratings, we have been a leading and trusted seller of Authentic Pre-owned Designer silver / gold / gemstone jewelry.  In 2013, we decided to branch out on our own. Your business is very important and you can continue to count on 100% authentic pieces, our reliability, and wonderful customer service, as always.

Madison880 is also a vetted and approved vendor for Yale University's Benefits Website! We are very happy and proud to be a part of the Yale community!

Please have a look around our store and send us an email with any questions or comments. Thank you very much for visiting!


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