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Hi everyone!  Although all of the guides on this site assist in helping you determine specific qualities and characteristics of authentic Tiffany & Co pieces, most of the articles so far have focused on women's jewelry. So, today's article will focus on Men's jewelry, specifically the Tiffany & Co Silver / 18K Gold Gatelink Cuff Links.

When you think of an item to be "copied", your mind probably does not go to Tiffany & Co cuff links.  The more prolific fakes are of necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  But the reality is that illegal copycats don't discriminate - they will make "copies" or fakes of anything that they can profit from. It doesn't matter if it's a necklace, bracelet or in this case, cuff links.

Ok, let's walk through the things to watch out for that will help us identify the authentic cuff links from the fake version:

1) Quality - The authentic pair is crafted from substantial sterling silver, which can be visibly seen from the thickness of each bar. The gold balls at the end of the cuff links are also larger in size.

 Authentic Tiffany & Co Gold Silver Gate Link Cuff Links

When placed side by side, one will also notice that the spaces in between each of the silver "bars" is much tighter on the real Tiffany cuff links, whereas the counterfeit version is more spaced out.

 Authentic vs Fake Tiffany & Co Gold Silver Gate Link Cuff Links

the bars themselves are thinner, balls are smaller, spaces are bigger

2) Metal  - this is especially obvious when the piece is crafted from 18K Gold. Fake ones are most likely gold tone / plated and not solid gold.

 Authentic vs Fake Tiffany & Co Gold Silver Gate Link Cuff Links

3) Logo and logo placement

Logo - On the authentic piece, the logo says "Tiffany & Co 925 750". 925 stands for sterling silver (92.5%) and 750 (for 18K Solid Gold). Learn more about these symbols and acronyms from this Tiffany & Co guide. The image below shows the logo on the real item. Click on the image to get a closer view.

Authentic Tiffany & Co Gold Silver Gate Link Cuff Links Logo

Now, let's take a closer look at the fake pair. Notice that it only has "Tiffany & Co 925" and that the 750 is missing? Obviously, the fake version does not have any real gold in its material. Surprisingly, the counterfeiters were "honest"(?) enough not to claim that it has gold :) Or maybe they just forgot ... who knows!! The photo below shows what the logo on the fake cuff links. Either way, you probably don't want this item. Click on the image to get a closer view.

 Fake Tiffany & Co Gold Silver Gate Link Cuff Links Logo


Logo Placement - On the authentic Tiffany & Co Gatelink Cuff links, the logo is consistently placed on the side of the bar.  For the fake pair that I was able to get a hold of, it was on the top of the bar.  Other counterfeit versions of this piece might have the logo on other areas of the cuff links, but the authentic version ALWAYS has the logo on the side. Click on the image to get a closer view.

Tiffany & Co Gatelink Cufflinks Guide

I hope this article helps in your search for authentic and wonderful Tiffany & Co pieces! Have a wonderful day!



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