Authenticate and Spot Fake Tiffany Jewelry - Real vs Fake Tiffany & Co Care Cards

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Hi everyone!  This guide will walk you through the different versions of authentic Tiffany & Co sterling care cards, and a couple of fake ones that I have personally gotten over time.

In the past, Tiffany & Co included Sterling Silver care cards with each Tiffany piece sold.  Although Tiffany no longer gives out this card with every purchase, a lot of these cards are still in circulation and still being used.

Here are a few AUTHENTIC Sterling Silver Care Cards (FRONT SIDE):

Authentic Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Care Cards

A few people have asked why the cards do not all look the same, meaning there are different fonts, versions, and even the words at the back of the care card varies. The answer is simple: Tiffany & Co produced a lot of these cards over the years for various countries, and using more than one vendor, so there are many variations to these cards. Notice that the card on the bottom right hand side is a fold over card. This is a really old version of the card, and is an authentic card.

Below is a picture of the back/words section of the AUTHENTIC cards (BACK SIDE):

Counterfeiters can be really savvy - when they send out their fake Tiffany pieces, they make sure that it's a complete "set" - fake box, fake pouch, and fake sterling silver care card!

Below is what the FRONT SIDE of a fake care card looks like:

Fake Tiffany Co sterling care cards - front side

And here's the BACK SIDE of the counterfeit cards:

The key to knowing and distinguishing the authentic cards are 3 things:

a) Thickness of card material:

REAL: The authentic version is made from thicker material that has a matte feel to it, almost like a matte business card.

FAKE: The two fake versions that I have are both shinier / made from semi-glossy material. The paper is also much thinner - almost like a thicker sheet of glossy paper.

b) Words used on the card :

REAL: The current versions of the real card goes directly to instructions of how to polish and care for your new sterling silver jewelry from Tiffany & Co.

FAKE:The two fake cards that I have both start with "Thank you for selecting this sterling silver gift from Tiffany & Co". While it is true that an older version of the Real card starts with this sentence, the authentic version of the card is a fold over card (see reference and picture above).  Also, if you take a closer look, the spacing between some of the words is not quite even on the fake cards.

c) Quality of the printing on the card:

REAL: The printing is clear, consistent, and spacing is even throughout the card.

FAKE: Uneven spaces between words, inconsistent printing in both front and back.

In the picture below, you will see the FRONT SIDE of real and fake cards side by side (Top: fake; Bottom: real)

Side by Side Tiffany & Co Sterling Care card Real vs Fake

And below is the BACK SIDE: (Top: fake; Bottom: real)

I hope this quick guide proves to be helpful in finding the perfect Tiffany & Co piece for you or your loved one! Have a great and fun day!



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