Real or Fake? Guide to Tiffany & Co. Link Necklaces and Bracelets

In this picture guide, I will walk you through the major differences between an authentic and a fake Tiffany & Co. Link Bracelet. Although the pictures that I have are for a bracelet, the same can be applied to Tiffany & Co link necklaces.

Link Bracelets  / Chains

Real or Fake – Would you be able to guess which one is the Authentic Link Bracelet?

Answer: The Bracelet at the Bottom is FAKE, while the one on top is the Real Tiffany & Co. Piece.

Two major differences can be observed between the two bracelets shown:

a)      On an authentic Tiffany link bracelet or necklace, each and every link is fully soldered to one another. You will not and should not see any spaces in on the links at all. Take a closer look at how the links on the authentic piece are seamlessly put together.

Now compare the look of the Real piece to the Fake link bracelet below. You will see the major difference almost immediately!


b)      The other major disparity between the Real and Fake Link bracelet is the Circular Tag. Notice the way that the T & Co. logo is stamped on the fake piece vs. the Real bracelet. (Left Picture shows the Real bracelet; Right Picture is a Fake Bracelet).  Tiffany has used this kind of circular tag logo on some of its authentic pieces though, so one would need to pay attention to the quality of the Stamping.

For this particular link bracelet, I would say that the biggest giveaway is that the links are not soldered. If you see a link bracelet that looks like this, I would recommend that you do not purchase the piece and move on.


Chain Necklaces

Similar to the thicker Link Bracelets, Tiffany & Co. chain necklaces are targeted by counterfeiters as well. In these instances, it would be harder to identify authenticity using the link chain itself. On the other hand, the poor quality of a fake piece stands out more easily on the Clasp & Logo. Take a look at the chains on the next picture:


The oval end clasp is seen particularly on Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti’s chains, as seen from this picture. The Tiffany & Co. logo is on one oval end, while the Peretti signature is on the other oval end.

This fake chain, however, only has one oval end which is stamped with the Tiffany & Co. Logo / 925. It was trying to impersonate a Tiffany & Co. chain – quite unsuccessfully – since this is what a REAL Tiffany & Co. Logo clasp (Front and back)should look like:


It is more of a rectangular shaped lozenge than the oval shape that the Peretti chains commonly have.

I might also add that another dead giveaway to the fake chain is just how bad the quality of the Tiffany & Co. logo is stamped onto the Oval end.

You will notice that the stamping is not only unclear, but is also very uneven. The “T” on Tiffany is slanted, the “N” is barely visible, and the entire word is just squished onto the clasp. The 925 on the back is as just poor in quality as the logo on the front. Compare this again to what it would look like if it were a REAL Tiffany chain, and immediately now, you are able to see the differences!

So there you have it! With more research, time and experience, you will be able to immediately distinguish between an authentic Tiffany piece from a fake piece. I hope this quick picture guide proved helpful to you. Please have a look around our store for only 100% authentic Tiffany & Co. and other designer pieces. And of course, please send us an email at for any further questions or if we can help with anything else at all.


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