Real or Fake? A Guide to Buying Tiffany & Co. Pouches

Tiffany & Co. is a brand and company that adheres to the highest standards in any piece of jewelry it designs and manufactures. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the meticulous attention to detail encompasses every aspect of its product - including its ever famous pouches and boxes. In this picture article, my goal is to help you identify authentic Tiffany & Co. pouches vs. fake Tiffany pouches. 


Tiffany & Co. Drawstring Pouches

Take a look at the first set of pictures - Can you tell which is real and which is a fake?



Answer: The Top 2 Pouches are both FAKE! The bottom two are Real pouches. These are the newer version of Tiffany pouches.  Although all four pouches have the Tiffany & Co. logo on them, you can see a few differences between the real pouches compared to the fake pouches. These include:

a) Placement of the logo - On the real pouches, the logo is centered pretty much perfectly on the pouches. On the fake versions, you will notice that they are not quite centered - the placement is near the lower section of the pouch.

b) Type of string/cord used - Real pouches use silk cords that are EXACTLY the same shade as the pouches themselves. The fake ones on top have strings that are neither made from silk and are usually haphazardly put together. See pictures below:

On the left hand side picture - the two pouches on the front are the fake pouches (Note how messy the strings are tied together), while the last pouch is the authentic one. On the right hand side picture, both pouches are fake.

c) Color - The fake pouches are typically a Bluish Green color that is not even close to the color that Tiffany uses on its authentic pouches.

Now if you turn the pouches inside out, here's what you will see underneath ...

Notice how messy and uneven the two pouches on the left look (these are the same two fake pouches turned over); while the authentic pouch is sewn very neatly all throughout.  

Below are two more pictures:

The one on the left is the fake pouch, while the one on the right is the real pouch. Tiffany & Co's high standards are clearly seen, especially when the pouches are placed side by side, would you agree? The picture on the right is a closeup of the impeccable stitching that each authentic Tiffany & Co. pouch goes through.


Now, let's go to another type of Tiffany & Co. pouch - the Snap Pouch.

Tiffany & Co. Suede Snap Pouches

Are you able to tell which one is real and which one is the fake Snap pouch?

Answer: The one on the left is Authentic.

On the exterior:

Three things can be immediately noticed as differences between the real and the fake pouch:

a) Stitching - A dead giveaway on this fake pouch is that the lower part of the pouch is not even stitched (Compare this to the real pouch, which is stitched all throughout). See picture below (Top pouch is authentic; Bottom pouch is fake)

b) Pouch Fabric/Material - The material that Tiffany & Co. uses on their Snap Pouches is a Soft Suede Material. On the fake pouch, the quality of the material used is not only inferior and stiff to the feel.

c) Color - Tiffany & Co. only uses its patented Blue color on its pouches and bags. The fake pouch's color is almost like a light Blue Green color.

On the Interior / Inner Side of the Pouch:



In the first picture, the pouch on the left is the Authentic Pouch. The second and third pictures show close ups of the details inside as authentic pouch. The third picture shows that the back side of the snap is also covered with a small circular suede material on the real pouch.

The next few pictures are close ups of a fake pouch. Note its differences with the real pouch:

You can see from the first picture that the material was not even cut in a straight clean line. Take a look at the ragged edge on the divider of the pouch.  The second picture shows a "Hole" right in the end side of the pouch as it was not stitched properly, as discussed previously. Finally, the last picture shows that this fake pouch does not have the small circular suede material that covers the other side of the snap.  Quite obviously, there is no meticulous inspection on the quality of this fake pouch.


With more research, time and experience, you will be able to immediately distinguish between an authentic Tiffany pouch from a fake pouch. Please note though that some fake sellers will include an authentic pouch with a fake piece of jewelry, so please just be wary of this as well.

I hope this quick picture guide proved helpful to you. Please have a look around our store for only 100% authentic Tiffany & Co. and other designer pieces. And of course, please send us an email at for any further questions or if we can help with anything else at all.


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