Tiffany and Co Guide to Acronyms and Symbols

Have you ever looked one of your Tiffany pieces and wondered, "What do these numbers and letters stand for?" So instead of having to go online and look for each one of these symbols, I decided to compile a a list of numbers and acronyms constantly seen on Tiffany items. Think of it as a handy cheat sheet :)

Please also note that NOT All Tiffany items are marked. Offhand, I can think of two instances when this happens:

1) Gemstones, in particular, don't have Tiffany & Co logos or markings (as this would ruin the precious material).

2) When a pendant / charm is attached to a marked Tiffany necklace chain or bracelet chain, the charms are sometimes not marked as well.

Ok, so here's the list I compiled for your reference:

Symbol Definition
925 This is the most common symbol you will see on a Tiffany silver. 925 stands for 92.5% sterling silver content. The rest of the 7.5% is comprised of other alloy metals.
AG AG stands for silver in the periodic table of elements. This is derived from its Latin name Argentum.
Sterling Self explanatory. Stands of sterling silver, an alloy of silver that contains 92.5% by weight of silver; 7.5% other metals, usually copper.
STR Another shorthand for sterling (STeRling :))
AG 1000 Solid 100% silver. I have only seen a few of these Tiffany pieces.
14K or 585 Signifies that the piece is made with 14K Gold. 585 refers to the amount of gold in the alloy per 1,000 units. 14K contains 58.3% pure gold, hence the shorthand 585. Some older Tiffany pieces were made with 14K golf
18K or 750 Similar to 14K Gold, 750 stands for an item that has 75% gold gold content. Most of the current Tiffany gold pieces are crafted from 18K gold.
AU AU stands for gold in the periodic table of elements. This is derived from its Latin name Aurum.
Metal Tiffany uses this to mark one of its newer jewelry lines - pieces with the Rubedo metal. Rubedo is a Latin word that means "redness". Tiffany's Rubedo metal features an alloy that is approximately 31% gold and nearly 55% copper, along with silver and a small amount of zinc.
PT 950 In the periodic table of elements, PT is the symbol of chemical element Platinum. 950 is a metal purity mark that denotes a composition of 95% platinum with a mix of other metal alloys. A few select fine Tiffany jewelry pieces bear this distinctive marking (on necklace clasps, earrings hooks, etc.)


Below are Tiffany & Co pieces that show some of the markings I just listed. Click on the picture to be brought to the link of each item for a better look!

925 - Tiffany & Co Blue Enamel Heart Clasp Bracelet

 Tiffany Co Guide to Metals and Acronyms

AG 1000 - Tiffany & Co Elsa Peretti Large Zodiac Scorpio Necklace

 Tiffany Co Scorpio Zodiac 1000 Silver

Metal - Tiffany & Co 1837 Interlocking Circles Rubedo Necklace

Tiffany Co Rubedo Interlocking Circle Necklace

750 - Tiffany & Co 18K Gold Mother of Pearl Heart Necklace

Tiffany Co Gold Mother Pearl Heart Necklace Guide

PT 950 - Tiffany & Co Platinum Diamond Rock Crystal Disc Earrings

 Tiffany Co Platinum Diamond Disc Earrings Guide to Metals

I hope this short guide helps in your search for the perfect Tiffany & Co piece! Have a great day!



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